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Our handgun course is led by our certificate NRA handgun instructor. The purpose of our course whether you own a handgun for (personal carry, home defense); is to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun responsibly and safely.  Course covers the following and more:  

  • Gun owner’s responsibilities (safe storage, locking devices, etc.)

  • Pistol action types (single action, double action, semi-auto)

  • Causes of firearm accidents; rules for safe gun handling

  • Ammunition knowledge, malfunctions (misfire, hang fire, squib loads)

  • Fundamentals of shooting (grip, aiming, trigger pull, breathing) techniques

  • Loading, unloading (use snap caps), cocking, de-cocking 

  • Importance of legal protection coverage

  • This is a 3.5 hr. course.  A certificate is given upon completion. 

  • Private group courses are available upon request! Call for details 

  • Additional training recommended which includes a 1 hr. 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 close encounter training.  We create multiple real life scenario's for personal, home and other encounters!

  • In addition: deescalating an imitate threat techniques, changing mags, rapid fire training, misfires, and light tactical positions/shooting. 

We order our ammo from:


We teach the Maryland Conceal Wear & Carry Course, and Florida conceal permit. 


See course dates below!




This seminar teaches easy to understand methods that you can use to increase your daily awareness and help prevent criminal confrontation. In just 3 hours you will increase your skill-set to develop a personal

safety strategy, including:

Predator/Criminal Mind

Human Trafficking

Self Defense Techniques 

Levels of Awareness

Physical Security

How perpetrators vet victims

Road rage

Kubaton, tactical pen, taser

Mental Preparedness

Common places of Attack (s)

Self-Defense Devices

Home Security

Cyber Security

Establishing personal boundaries

Auto attacks/security

Pepper Spray


Check out our NEW "SAFE" course for teens and college students. 

Look for upcoming courses and register!


About the Instructor

Gary Smith

Certified NRA Handgun Instructor

With over 50 yrs. of firearm experience I’m devoted to equipping you with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be a responsible handgun owner.

Every handgun owner must consider the importance of safety as a priority, gun storage from unauthorized persons, personal responsibility and proficiency.

Whether you’re a beginner or have handgun experience, I invite you to take the next step of your training with both our course time and live range time.

Hey Gary, just wanted to thank you again for the excellent gun training that you provided to us. What I learned in the first hour was more then I learned in a 4 hour session from the big name gun shops. Your enthusiasm is only matched by your gun knowledge. Looking forward to any future training.Thanks again. Bob


Thank you for the very informative information you so willing shared at the course.  Much appreciated.  I will share info with my friends so they can also participate in your courses. My husband and I both were excited after leaving and shared with several people. Martha

  I'm a member and higly endorse U.S. Law Shield  (

       Contributor of "Wounded Warrior Project"


About Us
Upcoming Classes

Handgun Safety Course

$99.99per person


Private Handgun Safety Course

$99.99/ten or more
Host is FREE!


  Attacked-Prevent Being Victimized

$99.99/per person

 Live Range Time
    1 hr.  We supply ear/eye protection and a .22 cal. and ammo. (Optional: bring your own handgun and ammo or borrow our 9mm handgun).  Bring  (25 rounds of ammo for your caliber handgun.
 $99.99/per person

Liability Purposes

Students ARE NOT to bring any firearms or live ammo to the course they attend.  PBD will provide for                  teaching purposes at each course: (2) semi-automatic handguns, double action revolver and a single                 action revolver.  

A "sirt" training handgun is used for student participation and additional training.    


                    UPCOMING COURSES                                      

                                   2024: Handgun, Attack & Maryland Wear and Carry Courses


                                                           Private Courses, Business & Family.  Call for details.

                                 * Pre-registered students/same day cancellation 50% course cost cancellation fee.

                  * Course participation are for those who pay for the course.  NO free family/friend same room attendees.

                                                           GARRETY GLASS CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATION:                                                                                                                Address: 2781 S. Queen St., Dallastown, Pa. 17313.  To pre-register call 1 (800) 829-4131

                                                                     Handgun fee: $109.99   Attack Course fee: $75.00 


                                           Handgun              Sat.          June     22nd,  2024      8:30am to 12pm        Ages 12+

                                           Handgun              Thurs.       August  24th,  2024      8:30am to 12pm        Ages 12+


                                                                       (Optional: 1 hr. Range Time $99.99)

                                                               NEW!!!!! AR 15 COURSE, 2 hr. In Depth Course

                                                                             Course fee: $65.00

                                                                   Live Range training:  1 hr. $99.99

                                            Bring your own AR 15, plus 50 rounds.  Or rent our AR & Ammo: $40.00 

                                                  (Courses Scheduled Upon Request; We teach Private Courses)  


                    YORK TOWNSHIP COURSES: All courses at the York Township must pre-register at:

                       (717) 741-3861 Ext 129;   York Township (Park Building); 25 Oak St, York, PA.                          

                                                Handgun              Tues.         May    21st, 2024             5pm to 8:30pm          

                                                Handgun              Thurs.       July    25th,  2024             5pm to 8:30pm           

                                                Handgun               Tues.        Sept    24th, 2024             5pm to 8:30pm                                                                                                                            (Optional: 1 hr. Range Training $99.99)


                                  ******* Maryland Concealed Carry Wear "Virtual live Zoom" Course******* 

                                                                                        (Fee: $275.00) 

                                          Includes:  * Course  * Range Time  *Firearm/Ammo   * All Range supplies

                                                                        Thurs. June     6th,  Fri. June7th,     Sat.  June8th, 2024 

                                                                                        Thurs. July     11th,  Fri. July 12th,   Sat. July 13th, 2024 

                                                                                        Thurs. Aug       1st,  Fri. Aug   2nd,  Sat. Aug  3rd, 2024 

                                                                         Courses start the same time on Thurs. & Fri. eve.

                                                                    Thurs. eve. & Fri. Eve.   (5:00 pm to 8:30 pm); Sat. 8:30-on

                                                                                 (Range time qualification to be scheduled)   

                                                 Location:  Izaak Walton League, 7133 Iron Stone Hill Rd., Dallastown, PA. 17313

                                     Begin registration by contacting:; Call: 1 (800) 829-4131

                                                                                      (We will get back asap!)




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After a 40 year layoff from shooting, I took it up again several years ago. I took the Basic Pistol course and right away learned several things I was not doing properly. The course is well presented and Gary took the time to answer questions as well as show examples of what he was presenting.  The hour spent on the range one on one with Gary was a tremendous way to reinforce what was taught in class.  I highly recommend taking this class and spending the hour on the range.


Our Point Blank Defense Seminar was an excellent and timely presentation of handgun safety. Gary presented in a clear, concise way that was engaging and informative. I would highly recommend this seminar for any handgun enthusiast.                                                                       Russ


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